Your Eye Color Reveals A Lot About Your True Personality, Even Scientists Claim The Same

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We all must be aware of this cliche quote "The eyes are the mirror to the soul" So true, as one happens to express more through their eyes, more than words or actions. We surely could lie with our words, but not with the eyes, as they just happen to reflect the truth inside of us no matter what we try to hide. There also has been several types of researches done on this topic, which reveal some shocking truth about our eye colour, even the iris can give an indication of whether we are warm, trusting, neurotic, or even impulsive.  

Dr Anthony Fallone of Edinburgh University has studied the links between eyes and personality as well. He says, “The eye is so closely linked neurologically to the brain that you might call it the only part of our brain you can see from the outside. It seems to hold vital clues to our brain function.” 

So, know your eye colour, and find out what does it reveals about you.