Here Is What Your Birthstone Says About Your Personality 

Find out if you are lucky or super lucky!


Ever since, humans have always been attracted to all the shiny and colorful things, even sparkling gemstones. Everyone likes to wear them, at times as a ring or at times as a pendant, but little do they know that gemstones are said to possess much more than just material wealth, they sure have always been amusing but it is also believed they hold a secret power to spiritual healing, or even representing special sides to our personality. 

According to the Indian mythology, it is considered that gemstones have many magical powers which can solve many problems in one's life and turn their life fruitful. It surely is an interesting concept but there are also stones specifically for the month we were born in, which represents different types of traits and are supposed to affect us differently. They are more widely known as 'birthstones.' 

Let's check which stone represents your birth month and what it says about you.