This Young Girl Who Fled North Korea Reveals The True Face Of Her Country

It is painful and deeply saddening!


Imagine living in a country where you are denied your right to speak what you want, do what you want, and even wear what you want. There is no access to the internet and one, only one T.V. channel exists which is obviously controlled by the regime. There are no provisions for any books, songs, or movies on love stories. A country where people are executed for watching a Hollywood movie, women and young girls are raped. A country where people have lost almost all hope and doubt if anyone really cares for them enough to spare a thought on their condition.

Now, what if I told you that a country like this actually exists. I am pointing towards North Korea, or as their dictator likes to call it DPRK. The condition of the people there is unimaginable. Human rights hold absolutely no meaning in that country. The condition there is pathetic and very very worrying! 

This story of a young girl who fled North Korea will shake your soul, bring you to tears, and unveil a world full of horrors in front of your eyes!