These Famous Brands Dropped A, B And O From Their Logos, But Why?

A one of a kind revolution. 

A, B, and O are essential letters. If they disappear today or tomorrow, a lot of words will have no meaning left. But A, B, and O are also three very different blood types and this is what the new revolution is all about. It's time to encourage and let people know what these blood groups are important for. And not just this, there is a lot more that the campaign is about.

To highlight this, the campaign is asking all the big companies to drop the three most important letters from their brands and landmarks. The campaign that goes by the hashtag #MissingType, is a collaboration between NHS Blood Transplant and London-based PR agency Engine group. The main motive behind the campaign is to raise awareness about the blood donation for the National Blood week. 

The campaign runs from August 16th until August 21st across 21 countries. It also brings together 25 blood services from participating countries including US, Australia, Singapore, reland, South Africa and Canada. 

On a lighter note, let's check out what our blood group tells us about our personality.