You've Been Hanging Toilet Paper Wrong And It Tells About Your Personality

Yes, you got it well!

It has been a major topic of debate, several roommates, move out of their respective homes due to an improper understanding in others over it, while some couples just end up arguing against each other. From the day of its invention, people have been wondering how to hang "Toilet Paper" in the washroom. And ever since there has been a huge conflict between people who hang it 'over the roll', with others who hang it 'under the roll.' 

But this debate has finally come to an end and a patent for toilet paper by Seth Wheeler from New York in the year 1891 has finally given us the correct answer. And we can't wait to tell you about this, though you'll still have to help yourself, just like you do it every day so make sure you read this article and learn the right way of hanging your toilet/tissue paper roll.