A Travel Enthusiast Has Fallen In Love With 'Yellow Plate' And This Is What He Does Wherever He Goes

Interesting story of 'Yellow Plate'!


Waking up to an appetising morning, picking up bag packs, taking up the road you haven't travelled earlier, grabbing the most captivating location and most delightful dish.

Travelling accompanied by delectable food is all you want. And that's what Himanshu Sehgal has built his life in. However, he does not travel alone to entertain himself and us but has a special someone without whom his trip would be incomplete and worthless. It's his YELLOW PLATE. Yes, a plate colored yellow. Needless to say, Himanshu was gifted to the world of food bloggers because of his 'unintentionally involved' Yellow Plate.

Actually, the significance of his My Yellow Plate was not a deliberate one. He had never planned to pick up a yellow plate and go on food hunting. But it was when he found an unused yellow plate in his kitchen, he started eating on it which made him realise that it could be a perfect contributor as well as a part of his travel adventures. This ignited his thought of carrying the yellow plate along with him wherever he goes on to uncover new places to visit and new places to eat. That's how the yellow plate transformed into 'His Yellow Plate'.

Adding onto this, Himanshu told WittyFeed, "No one knows where it came from... it has been there in my house! I loved the colour and enjoyed eating in it."