Can AIDS Vaccine Be Developed? May 18 Reminds Us Of This Mission

World AIDS Vaccine Day.


World AIDS Vaccine Day is observed on May 18 every year. This noble initiative is aimed to promote a continued urgency for an HIV preventive measure, as there is no vaccine to cure HIV infection. 

The World AIDS Vaccine Day is a reminder of the urgent requirement to promote research to find an effective vaccine to halt the HIV and AIDS infection that might save life of millions of people who have contracted HIV virus or may contract in future.  

World AIDS Vaccine Day is also observed to appreciate the efforts and the hard work undertaken by the health practitioners, scientists, community members, volunteers and supporters. 

World AIDS Vaccine Day gives an opportunity to proponents of the AIDS vaccine to create awareness about the need of the HIV and AIDS vaccine. It also gives a message to individuals and society to invest their money in research and development required to fight the disease.