This Is What Happened When A Woman Slapped An Indian Army Officer (Video)

Is this what our saviours deserve?


How would you react if you see people who spend sleepless nights on the border to make sure we live peacefully being disrespected? Displeased and gloomy, I guess. 

The major embarrassment for a country is when its saviours are insulted. Indian Army consists of the real super heroes who stand at the frontier all day so that we can sleep peacefully at night. It is not just by compulsion, even our conscience and ethics can never let us disrespect them.

The video I am about to show you will make you question the morals we support. In the clip, a lady was captured slapping an Indian army officer. Yes, you read it right, an army officer. What is even more disgraceful, is that the lady kept on scolding the individual and he didn't even once attempt to hit her back. 

The video that took rounds on social media was seen by a number of people and was also associated with multiple comments. Check out the video and tell us your viewpoint in the comment section.