After Interviewing 100 Rapists, This Woman Revealed the Dark Side of a Criminal Mind

Hundred rapists, one mindset! 


"A girl is far more responsible for rape than a boy."

What will be your first reaction when you hear a statement like this? It will obviously be agitation and resentment. The minute I read the story about this Indian woman on '' I was stunned at the mere thought of someone actually saying such brutal words.

All of us are aware of increasing cases of rape, molestation and sexual assaults against women. These incidents definitely scare the living hell out of us. But, have we ever analysed what provokes culprits for committing such heinous crimes that can ruin someone's life or even kill her?

An Indian woman actually paid a visit to the cells where these culprits were kept. She managed to ask them what made them commit such a crime?

We have all the answers that these rapists gave, and it will shock you to the level that you will question the existence of mankind.