A Woman Was Expecting One Baby, But Three Balloons Popped Out And She Wept

Best idea to reveal the gender on a baby shower.


It's always a happy feeling for a couple when they decide to bring a new life on this planet. Getting pregnant and carrying a baby is something that women love more than any men. However, on the contrary, taking care of the family is something that men love more than any women.

In short, a family is not a place, but a feeling of caring and sharing. And it is always exciting when couples welcome a new addition to their family.

When a duo living in Dallas discovered they were pregnant, they knew they fancy to give a great, joyful gender reveal party for their dear friends and family. They also wanted the event to be on the artistic side, so their close friend Tiniki took the control and put a beautiful and sincere twist on the traditional gender reveal. Let's find out what happened at the party!