Here's Why Our Chandni Is Taking So Long to Come Back

Things change when your status changes from alive to dead.

Way back in 2003, when I insisted my granny accompany me to Britain to witness how I ran my household, she kept saying, "na baba, ab aakhri samay apni mitti na chodungi." I could not figure out why she felt so. 

Living overseas for years together and being a witness to reasonable births and deaths around, now I understand the pros and cons of dying abroad.

India is a place of unity which can be seen at its peak on occasions like death and agony. People come together despite mutual differences and hatred to extend condolences. Being a nation based on emotions and family bonds, I guess this mass support is what helps to cope up with bereavement.

The humongous loss of losing an iconic actress Sridevi has left the entire nation in tears. Fans, family, and friends are waiting eagerly for her dead body to arrive so that they can pay their last respects. But things aren't that simple as I mentioned earlier. Repatriating the dead is not a simple thing. 

Let us take a look at what makes the process so tedious.