Preconceptions Of Marriage: Why As A Woman You Were Not Born Just To Get Married 

Get out of the shell, man!

Why is it that the moment a girl enters her twenties, she, along with her parents and society make up their mind to get married. And feel that 24 is the maximum or the upper bar to get married and till 30, she should have a baby on her lap! Coz, the moment she reaches 30, she suddenly becomes infertile, unlovable and surely, unattractive! The world thinks so. *Pursed lips* This is the stereotype and the commonly accepted norm of the world. Why is it that a woman has to be the listener, always, while she is the best speaker and there is no doubt about her listening skills! She listens to her partner, her kids, her friends, her pets, her colleagues and everyone else, then why is she unheard? Why?

I being a millennial myself, face this! There are many to speak to, but merely does anyone listen! Coming over to the much talked-about topic of MARRIAGE, why is one fearing it? The most common fear that propels one to get married is the dread that one may end up alone for her entire life.