Why Do Avid Readers In India Dislike Chetan Bhagat's Writing?

What brings the youth icon to questioning grounds!


Chetan Bhagat currently holds the honour of an established bestseller novelist not just in India, but around the world. His life journey and, most of all, career preference, comes as an inspiration to us. We all, at some point in our life, have admired Chetan Bhagat’s choice of writing over any IIT or IIM placements, and rose him to the pedestal of a ‘Youth Icon’. The young author inspired today’s ‘Smartphone Generation’ to take time and read a book.

But while Chetan Bhagat’s stories reside in the heart of India’s Youngistan, there is still a faction of people, among the youth of India itself, which hate this Youth-novelist. What draws the line between the fans of the writer, and his haters? Why do the readers of India detest the 'Youth Icon'?

Let’s try to find out!