Which Superpowers Should You Have According To Your Life Choices?

Take this quiz and find out!

Haha, I know you want superpowers because if not, you would not have clicked on this quiz. Don't worry, I understand this because as a superhero movies fan, I also wanted to have some powers. I even prayed to the God for giving me the supernatural and unthinkable powers, and till today, when I watch any superhero movie, I pray again because of the will of becoming a hero with incredible powers. 

We all have our favourite characters, and we want to have powers just like them. Like for me, it is Wolverine, and I wanted all the powers which he possesses, but I know that is not possible. Still, there is no problem in dreaming. 

Like every other superheroes buff, I also daydream and picture myself using powers to save this world, kill enemies and do a little bit of show off and I know you might have also dreamed about it. These dreams can be fulfilled, but for this, we should be aware of the superpower we would have. 

Take this quiz, and we'll tell you which superpower you should have.