This Quiz Will Tell Which Is The Best Month For You To Buy Clothes

It depends on you birthday!

Do you love to shop and never are able to figure out when to shop? With all the discounts going on all around the stores, like a never-ending deal; you're left confused. 

You never have enough apparels in your wardrobe when you open it to get dressed. And, also you never have space to keep the new one in the same. Amidst all this, it often happens that months go by and you're not able to decide when will you get the best deal according to what you want to buy. 

Not only that, when you're confused with "what" to buy, at the same time "when" comes along. So, to provide you with much better insight into both the aspects, you just have to answer the following 10 questions and the result will tell you which month is perfect for you to shop.

Now, wait for your month and empty all your pockets then.