Confused About Which Footwear To Buy According To Your Personality? Take This Quiz To Find Out

Which shoe polish do you prefer?

Which footwear are you wearing right now? Sandals, formal shoes, sneakers, loafers or are you barefoot as of now? Well, that is for you to know but what you're about to figure out is which one will be the next footwear, best for you to buy.

The next pair of footwear you buy should meet your needs, it should not become another reason for your worries and be according to the way you live your life. That is why the next time you step into a mall or stand-alone store to buy a footwear(s), the result of this quiz will come in handy. Because the following quiz focuses on the current lifestyle of yours, the way you spend your day, whether you like to maintain your shoes, if yes, how frequently you do it, etc.

The listed 10 questions will help you reach to a conclusion that which kind of footwear should be bought from the multiple varieties available in the market.