20+ Six-Word Tales Indians Wrote For Their Ex 

It's complicated!


What is love? The answer is not that simple as saying ‘Pyaar Dosti Hai’. Love is the best feeling in the world. At some point in life, everyone needs a partner to love them unconditionally, to take care of them, etc. Loving someone truly is to respect them, value them. But the psychology of today’s youths doesn’t deal with such heavy logics of love. They are acquiring more practical and casual approach towards being in relationships. The thing like true love is on the verge of extinction, and breakup is considered as the easiest way to end any relationship. 

As we all know that first love is always unforgettable. Thus, InnerVoice by WittyFeed did a small ‘Experiment' to know the feelings of these young guns for their exes (Boyfriend/Girlfriend). 

We asked them to describe their feelings for exes in just six words. As we have a huge number of Devdas and Paro, our page was flooded with sentimental and hilarious comments.

So, let’s check out what today's Heer thinks about her Ex-Ranjha and vice versa. Some will make you laugh your head off, and some may make you break down into tears.