A Thug Or A Flirt, Let Us Guess What Kind Of A College Student Are You

We have the perfect answer!

In this whole world, every field has different types of people associated. If we talk about cricket, then we get many types of players. Someone is a good bowler, some other is a good batsman, while some are good fielders. Same goes with college, where we meet such different characters that it gets tough to forget them. College life is something extraordinary; I can tell this from experience that the last day of college is one of the hardest days to get through. 

College time is marked as the golden period of any student's career. There we make beautiful memories which stay with us for our lifetime. Throughout the course of our time in college, we meet a countless number of new people, but there are some who attract us and their traits stay with us for a long time.

Here we have made a quiz for students who are still enjoying their college life or have just started it. The quiz will reveal the type of student you are and if you think we got it right, ask your friends to play it too.