Pause, Think, React: Here Are Some Things That Every College Student Should Keep in Mind

From school to college, life takes a turn.

As we grow up, we tend to learn new things about life and engage ourselves in different experiences. Then comes a time when we finish high-school and it's time to join a college. 

Our mind starts wondering how would our college experience be like? Would we be able to handle it? Or if it would be fun or scary, or simply nerve-wracking? 

Too many questions and possibilities come to our mind when we hear these words. 

From kindergarten to finishing high-school, we gain a sense of what it feels to be an adult, yet we go through one of the biggest changes in college, in a completely new atmosphere, surrounded by strangers. 

This phase allows us to take ownership of our time, responsibilities and who we want to become. But knowing things in advance can guarantee us a good start, and can make us focus on things that will make our college life a memorable one. 

Let’s take a look at things we should do and should avoid when we begin our college life: