Farhan Akhtar And His Daughters Are Working On Something That'll Bring Smile To Your Face

He has always inspired us and now his daughters too!


Farhan Akhtar is somebody who has always impressed us with his remarkable skills. Be it acting, directing, singing or coming up with MARD (Men Against Rape and Discrimination) and so much more. He has always had an affinity towards the society he lives in and has always tried and succeeded in giving back. I lose track of the count, when I start listing all that Farhan has done over the years for people and environment around him.

Recently, this 43-year old actor cum director has again baffled us when he came up with an initiative for water conservation. In this, he is being supported by his two adorable daughters, Akira and Shakya. Is there literally anything he doesn't care about in the world?

Read on to know more about his water conservation initiative and other benchmarks he has set.