What if Bollywood Actresses Become Cricket Commentators?

Who do you want to see as a commentator?


For enjoying cricket, the most important thing is the kickass commentary that we get to hear. From Virendra Sehwag to Shoaib Akhtar all of them crack bad puns that hit at the right places and make people laugh. 

From lines like "yeh itna aasan catch tha ki Sholay ka Thakur bhi pakad leta" to "Virat agar taxi hote toh unka meter 100 se shuru hota" we have already seen many funny commentaries. 

But, here's the catch, what do you think would happen if famous actresses from Bollywood had to hold a mic and do commentary? Maybe, for the next IPL? 

I wonder if Alia got an opportunity to speak about how our favourite cricketers' performed at the field what would she say to woo the audience?

Well, take a look and what we thought can be a possibility: