What Happened When Lord Vishnu's Avatar Became Pregnant From Lord Shiva?

The unknown truth about the origin of Lord Ayyappa.

Some days back, I was reading about Lord Shiva and Shivratri, and while going through it, I was redirected to something that I found totally strange. And that was regarding the mention of homosexuality in Hindu mythology. My whole perusal about Shiva and Hindu religion drew me to some unknown and unexpected conclusions.

Did you ever know that Hindu mythology accepts homosexuality? There are many stories which support this fact. Let me tell you one of them, once Shiva turned himself into a gopi so that he could participate into Raas-Leela with Krishna.

But if the mythology supports it, why some people call these sexual choices 'unnatural?' I am a Hindu, and I have seen people in my religion treating these individuals with different sexual preferences badly.

One of the fiercest opponents of a gay relationship is Baba Ramdev. According to him, homosexuality is a disease which can be cured.

There are several stories in which Hindu mythology has been open to accepting these choices, and one such story is the origin of God Ayyappa. Let us know more about the origin of God Ayyappa.