If You Notice This On A Baby's Crib, Don't Dare To Ask About It From Parents

Consider it as a warning!

I guess, the hospital is the only place which can be described a Janus-faced because on one side there are mothers who are battling between life & death and on the other side there are newborns who have just come into this world. Unfortunately, this parent had to face both the situations at once.

Milli who was about to give birth to twins lost one of her twins named Skye as the baby girl was suffering from an incurable disease. While she was laying on her bed a mother while trying to deal with her twins, looked to Milli's one baby and said "You're so lucky you haven't got twins," unaware of Millis's loss. Although that woman didn't mean anything by her comment, but it did break Milli's heart and that was the moment when Milli got an idea how to deal with it. 
So, that to ease the pain of other moms with similar stories. 

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