You’ll Say “Love Is In The Shoot” Once You Watch This Video Of Harshal And Needhi

Wedding goals are set!


We all love to be a part of our friend's wedding and celebrate with him but never want to get married, right. Celebrating someone else's life and living that life is different.

Well, there are certain things which make marrying a girl irresistible - especially the days before the wedding (not sure what happens after it). But let's see the positive side. Enjoy as much as you can at your friend's wedding and procrastinate your own. 

WittyFeed brings you the pre-wedding video of Harshal Jain and Needhi Jain. Harshal, an IIT-Delhi graduate who co-founded MedLabz (a medical company in Mumbai), decided to marry Needhi who is from Mumbai. Their engagement took place in January 2013. Their wedding will take place by this month end.

From shooting locations (includes a white piano) to elegant clothing chosen by them, you'll fall in love with this pre-wedding shoot. 

Who knows, you may also want to tie the knot after watching this video. Look at it.