Sexual Assault Increasing On Internet, It's Time To Break The Silence...

Audacious boys, you are at flight risk now!


Around 3 years back, one fine day, I was checking message requests on Facebook. While randomly scrolling through it, I encountered a video message in one thread. I expected it to be a good morning video or maybe a funny clip or something. There was no image preview of that video, so I kept it on download & went on to do my daily chores. I returned back to check my phone.

While sipping coffee I played the video & what happened next was not expected at all.

I almost spilled the coffee, in haste to stop the video. That was not funny! It was very offensive instead. What I saw was, that guy was touching & pleasing himself. Why did he send that? What did I do to see this? I never had that lower opinion for me in my life before. Dozens of questions were crossing my mind & I went numb. Without a second thought, I deleted it immediately. But, my mind was scarred already.

What I have gone through is the story of many girls these days.

Several times it might have happened with you that you have opened spam folder of your messenger and found sexually explicit content sent by an unknown person and you chose to ignore? This is the problem with us, we choose to remain silent. We must observe zero tolerance of visual sexual harassment. Don't we?

Perverters have crossed their limits and they need to be taught a lesson. What educational and societal institutions were incapable of teaching, we will teach them. Here I have made a small attempt towards this.

Netizens of my country, raise your voice for the right cause!