It Took 17 Years For This Man To Increase Mileage To 153 Km/Litre; This Is How He Did It

Relentless efforts bore fruits.          


Often, we want to do things and innovate path-breaking methods, but we are not able to it. Well, not all of us. Some of us can do that extraordinary thing, which no one ever expected. For this, you would argue that everybody doesn't get all kinds of resources to recreate something, nor do they get the exposure that is needed.     

But many people achieve success despite all odds. Today, we bring you a story of a person who didn't study in college. But from last 17 years, he was after something. Did he get it? Yes, he did. Besides, he got a grant of Rs 75 lakh for his project.     

Even universities have shown interest in this project. Intrigued?   

Here's the story from the start.