Virat Kohli's On-Field Break Photos During The IndvsSL Match Is Now A Twitter Trend

A lot of fun things happened with Virat!

The on-going test match between India and Sri-lanka is already trending among cricket lovers due to all the drama taking place. Whether it's the smog pollution or the trouble the Sri Lankan players faced due to it, the Delhi smog did affect the game a lot resulting in many uncalled breaks. And besides all the mask incidents and Virat Kohli angrily declaring the innings mid-way, there was a moment that grabbed all the attention.

Virat Kohli who had been batting appreciably well since two days decided to take some rest on the field during one of the smog BREAKS that was bothering only Sri-Lankans. The cool image of the Indian skipper resting on the field didn't escape the attention of our beloved meme makers and thanks to them, we have something that is making us go ROFL.