This Man Who Couldn't Walk For Three Years Did More Than 600 Plays Across India (Video)

We need humanity, not an NGO.  


I went through the story of this guy as he presented himself in the TEDxDelhi talk and all I can remember from his words is the famous character of Tyler Durden (only in few aspects), from the legendary movie, Fight Club. 

With simplified concepts and the urge to change societal defects while spreading awareness in society, this man stands firm on his principle as he talks to people looking into their eyes.

Vipul Singh, has enough guts to change things around as he talks openly about 'Human Farming'. 

Born handicapped since birth, Vipul told in his TEDx session that he couldn't walk, talk and he remained mentally retarded for three years. Doctors said he won't survive after nine years of age.  

But Vipul recovered, as he challenged himself to move ahead in life. He travelled on foot from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, to Jammu and Kashmir. 

In his travels, Vipul has done more than 600 street plays all by himself in 17 states and three union territories across India to spread awareness about more than 80 topics that he thinks are necessary for the society.

These topics include menstruation and rape.