These Controversies Of Vinod Khanna Made Not Only Him But Also His Fans Upset

Yes, he too had bad times. 

'Retire sirf police  hai ... chor nahi' actor Vinod Khanna retired from the world on April 27, 2017, morning. 

The late and respected actor was a famous Hindi film personality who was born on October 06, 1946 in Peshawar, now in Pakistan. He left his impression not only in the film industry but also in politics as he was a member of Parliament from Gurdaspur, Punjab. The actor who began his foray as a villain with the movie 'Man Ka Meet' later entered the world of spirituality as a disciple of Guru Osho Rajneesh. 

The tall, handsome actor who had a splendid personality then returned back to the Indian cinema after five long years. Although there are many instances to remember the heartthrob of Indian films but like every other famous personality, Vinod Khanna too had hard luck in his times.

With all due respect, we remember him with some of his controversies which soured the image of our beloved actor.