This Village Is Supporting Live-In Relationships & 9 Taboo Practices Since 1000 Years

Couples elope, live together and marry only if they have enough money.


We are living in a society where live-in relationships are considered taboo. But how will you react if I tell you that there's another part of the same society who is following their 1000-year-old tradition of staying in the live-in relationship? 

This shows that it isn't the culture or taboo, but it's us and our mentality towards the thing that makes the difference. This village is giving its people the right to choose, and the right to reject.

A 70-year-old getting married to his live-in-partner in front of his children, who are surprisingly also marrying their live-in partners. What would you call this? Let me tell you that this is not a western culture encouragement, it's the culture of Rajasthan's Garasia tribe, who have been following their ancestors.