Cobrapost Founder's Exclusive Interview That No Mainstream Media Will Ever Show You

Cobrapost Founder's Exclusive Interview That No Mainstream Media Will Ever Show You


Recently another sting ‘Operation 136' rocked the nation when a non-profit media company Cobrapost that is being run by investigative journalist Aniruddha Bahal allegedly exposed 27 media outlets, including some of the country's biggest. 

This sting reveals the supposed willingness of these media outlets to run political and religious propaganda in favour of the ruling government in return for hefty financial gains.

Apart from The Indian Express, that reported the story in a hard-hitting piece titled ‘Where Anything Goes’, most of the mainstream media turned a blind eye towards the story. This led to a number of international media outlets calling out the Indian media for having failed to highlight the failures within the fraternity.

Cobrapost & Aniruddha Bahal has been doing under cover stories since last 15 years that exposed deep-rooted corruption in our society, politics and now in media. There are stories that made huge impact including cash for query sting where 11 MPs were shown accepting money to ask question in parliament & a story that exposed hawala scam in private banks that led to build strong KYC norms in banking system. 

Aniruddha Bahal is among top investigative journalists from India. He co-founded Tehelka with Tarun Tejpal in 2000 and did most controversial sting operation 'West Land Scam’. In the year 2003 he started Cobrapost and in last 15 years, he did hundreds of impactful stories but that made his life really tough where he spent almost 2 years in court for hearing and there was a time when shooters were detained who had taken supari to kill Aniruddha Bahal. Aniruddha was also provided security after the life threats he received for many years but that was revoked after Modi government came into power.

A senior journalist Vivek Satya Mitram did an exclusive interview with Aniruddha Bahal where he discussed about the latest sting ‘Operation 136’ including many untouched issues around his life, work, challenges etc. This interview reveals, how challenging is the job of an investigative journalist in India who exposes corruption without caring for his life.