This Cyclist's Death-Defying Stunts are Breathtaking 

This Cyclist's Death-Defying Stunts are Breathtaking 


To all those who have seen Danny MacAskill's bike film for the first time, let me tell you that Danny is a Scottish trial bike expert. With his adventurous biking skills, he has inspired many people across the globe. 

Now, getting back to this video of Danny cycling on the notorious Cuillin Ridgeline of Scotland, there are a few points that make Danny Macaskill's video a superhit. 

Boating upto the mountain that Danny is about to climb adds to the different vibe of the video. Since he is a wizard biker, all of his boulder gap jumping (jumping from rock to rock without falling) *obviously* is neat and perfect. In the end, did you also pause the video just to look at the scenes behind the cliff? 

P.S. These dangerous acts are done by professionals. Please don't try doing them without any expert's supervision.