Lily Myers' Short Poem Highlights Things that Make a Woman Shrink

Will we always struggle? 

In this powerful poem that Lily Myers narrated at the Barnard College in New York City, she highlighted strong aspects of gender equality. The student explains how her brother is never concerned about what he is speaking and how she is always taught to think a thousand times before she even decides to utter a word. 

Overall, for me, her poem is a package that deals with many issues and the personal experiences of the narrator make it more relatable and easy to comprehend. Lily understands and tries to bring forward the situations and things many women face every day and that is how she justifies her title 'Shrinking women' by showing things that make a woman and her morals and self-respect shrink. 

Lily also includes body shaming and self-esteem among issues that women face to make them realise that all of these things mustn't harm their inner peace.