If You Think Kids These Days Don't Respect Their Parents, Listen to This Short Story 

It's time to drop this myth! 

"Haan ab tujhe kahan zaroorat apne maa-baap ki. Ab to tum bade ho gaye ho!" 

Most of us have heard this sentence numerous times by our parents. But who knew this statement that we kids often took ordinarily, can one day become the biggest misconception society will build against us. 

Yes, in the modern world there's this common notion that kids when growing up, forget the love and respect they should have for their parents. But this story of Munna and his 60-year-old mother is a proof that this isn't entirely true.   

As Mehak Mirza Prabhu narrated: "Aaj kal ke bachche, saare andhere nahin hote. Kuch ujaale bhi hote hain jo chip jaate hai zindagi ki jaddo jehed mein." 

This story is a lesson for parents as well as their children to not to let their love fade away in this busy world.