This Old Video Of Shah Rukh Khan's Struggling Life Will Tell How He Became The King Khan Of B-Town

King Khan is indeed an inspiration for many!


Can you ever imagine the king of Bollywood, the all famous actor, Shah Rukh Khan sleeping on the railway platform? No, he was not shooting for any of his movie scenes. 

Someone has rightly said, "Struggle is required in order to survive in life because, in order to stand up, you need to know, what falling down is like." The journey of the actor, from a young boy from Delhi to the 'King Of Bollywood' is worth appreciating.

The video is covered by one of the friends of Shah Rukh, Benny Thomas, where he describes how they came to Mumbai in search of a young lady named Gauri. They were asked to move out of the flat by one of their friends, where they enjoyed a luxurious day before and hence had to spend a night on the railway platform. Just like the inspiring statement that he made in the movie 'Om Shanti Om' he vocalized something of the same sort in his real life too. Do you want to Know what was the statement all about? 

Don't miss the chance to have a look at the video. King Khan is indeed an inspiration for many of his fans and followers.