This Video About Girls Being Trafficked In Varanasi Will Wrench Your Heart

Justice needs to be served!


Human Trafficking is the most undesirable, cowardly and inhuman practice which has been going on across our country. In a land of Goddesses who are being worshipped in thousands of Temples every single day, it is disappointing to see the real state of little Goddesses in every household. These little girls who are barely four, five or six years of age or even younger are abducted and forced into prostitution. Our Society's ethical fabric has serious double standard issues. Places as pious as Varanasi which has lakhs of devotees flocking everyday can be a witness of such a pathetic act. It's a shame.

In the midst of all this, here's an organisation named 'Guriya' which is doing tremendous work at ground level to rescue small girls each day in a wake of providing them a better future.

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