Malvika Iyer, A Survivor & An Inspiration Now! Meet The Girl Who Lost Both Hands To Bomb Blast 

Let nothing get you down! 


Grow through what you go through! 

You are what you think you can be! It is all in your thoughts and your perception. Most important is to be self-driven. Malvika Iyer has proved this, gracefully. She lost both her hands to a bomb blast in 2002 in Bikaner. But this life-shaking incident did not dent her will. 

A bilateral amputee and a bomb blast survivor, Malvika is now a motivational TEDx speaker, a disability rights activist and has walked the runway to support those who design clothes for people with disability.    

She believes that no matter how hard you fall, what makes the difference is how you rise after the fall! Malvika has done this, defying all the stereotypes and stood in the face of the adversity! Proud of you, girl!  

Life is TOUGH for you darling, but believe me, SO ARE YOU!  

An inspiration in herself, Malvika is a fresh motivation for the youth of the country. Read her story to get the dose of inspiration for the day.