Your Score On This Common Sense Quiz Will Prove Your Sensibility

Uncommon Common Sense!

All of us hate to believe that we are devoid of common sense. It is a shot, right on our egos! Most uncommon of all, common sense is believed by everyone to be replete with. If this is so with you, you need to take this quiz, to know the reality!

Common sense is the quality that is perceived as a superpower these days, owing to its rare availability. You can take it as sarcasm here, but common sense is pretty different from logic. It is all about being aware, to be able to think in the present and to use brains to deal with everyday puzzles. It is also about maintaining your stand in the plethora of information in this over-informed world. All you need is common sense to make sense.
Common sense is the basic ability to perceive and judge the day-to-day events and be reasonable enough to not sound foolish or unaware!