10 Amazing Quotes On The Little Master That Prove The Extent Of His Greatness

We miss you Sachin!


It's such a cliche' that we struggled to find an alternate phrase so we just gave up and used the evergreen 'If cricket is a religion, Sachin is a god' line simply because there's no way around it. Over his historic career, spanning more than two decades, Sachin achieved everything there's to achieve and perhaps more. Greatness, there's no number, no statistic around it, rather it's a feeling, a feeling everyone has whenever he/she sees Sachin bat. 

Sachin might smile like a baby but do not let it make you underestimate the heart of an assassin that beats inside him. Sachin could make even the most fearsome of bowlers seem pedestrian at best, he could make the most difficult of shots without even breaking a sweat and he did all this while remaining ever so humble. Some cricketers feared him, some were inspired by him but all cricketers respected him, but how much? 

We at WittyFeed would like to bring to you ten posters that show the extent of his greatness.