22 Urdu Words That You Must Use More Often To Sound Poetic And Impressive

Experience the royal touch of the language!  

"Mere lafzon se naa kar mere kirdaar ka faisla, Kya haina! Tere wajood mit jayenge meri haqeeqat dhundhte dhundhte..."

As a writer, I have always considered Urdu a language full of nazaqat, adab and ruhaniyat. It is as fascinating to non-Urdu speakers as it is for the ones who are well versed with the language. I can put all my bets on it when I say that we all get drawn towards being a shaayar the minute we read something poetic. 

Why? It is because Urdu gloats of the absolute heartfelt words that you will ever hear in your life. Furthermore, we can't resist the urge to make you feel amazed by the dialect. In nutshell, we handpicked a couple of Urdu words for you which you must use in your verses or poems to enhance them.