10 Unpleasant Facts All C-Section Moms Will Instantly Relate To

Besides all the pain and health hazards...


Been there, done that! Being a C-section mom myself, it didn't take me hours to compile this list, neither did I need to research much. Irrespective of what people say or believe in, I am proud to be a mother and refuse to bow down to all those nasty comments that are thrown my way accusing me of being a coward or my inability to give birth naturally

It takes a hell lot of courage to acknowledge the fact that your abdomen is to be sliced in order to bring your little wonder in this world. If that sounds normal, then try being wheeled into an operation theatre in full consciousness, with all the bright lights, masked men and a platter of surgical instruments awaiting you. Trust me, it is extremely unnerving and the joy of meeting your li'l one instantly turns into an unguarded walk in the Jurassic Park.

Enough of my sentiments talking, let me now take you through a list of 10 unpleasant facts of being a c-section mom that are quite...err...unpleasant.