Food Festivals Have Evolved, Now You're Served EDMs, Games, and More

Human tic tac toe is on the menu as well.

All the foodies in the house, give me a cheer! 

And, those who aren't, worry not, I've got good news for you. What is that one thing which comes to your mind when someone says "food festival"? Of course, food. 

Different aromas, different cuisines, and different recipes which you can take back home with you. However, there are more take-aways when it comes to food festivals today. Yes, the year has changed to 2018 and so has the way food fests are organised. 

Today, it becomes a far distant place to travel to, enjoy the journey and once you reach there, the place is filled with delicious varieties of food synced with soothing tunes of music, swashbuckling scripts of comedy, unlimited entertainment, and mini-activities to involve you mentally and physically altogether. It is your opportunity to taste the spices of the south, sweets from the west, the meat from the east and rich aromatic gravies of the north.

Are you already feeling the rush? There's more to it.