21 Unknown Facts About Queen Elizabeth II That Prove Her To Be A Really Strong Lady

She created a new dog breed!

Britain's current and longest reigning monarch who created history by surpassing her great-great grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, turned 90 on April 21st. Being a Taurus woman has to make her one of a kind! She definitely is one of the most loved royalties there ever must have existed who is not only adored by the citizens of her country but also by the entire world. And why shouldn't she be? I mean, she totally nailed it as a Queen and is surely justifying the British anthem that says "God save the queen". 

Did you know? Queen Elizabeth II was only 25 when she took the huge responsibility of taking care of her country after the World War II and made sure to make the UK what it is right now. Though a lot has been written on her personal and professional life, there are certain facts, which I'm sure not a lot of you know about. So here's a list of a few lesser known facts about the beloved Queen Elizabeth II.