6 Reasons Why You Should Visit The Udaipur Lantern Festival 2017

The last reason is the best reason! 

It is said that, "If you light a lantern for someone else, it automatically lights up your path too."

Keeping this motive in mind, from past five years UdaipurBlog is taking up the initiative to have a safe and fun frolic Diwali. Now that Navratri fever is off and people are gearing up for the festival of lights. I thought of feeding my readers with a listicle that will showcase the importance of this festival in the city of lakes. 

No doubt the festival is celebrated with utmost zeal and enthusiasm, to take the legacy of lantern lighting forward, this year it will be celebrated at Shouryagarh Resort and Spa. Where you will encounter many innovative things that are worth a visit. I know this might sound quite opinionated, so take a look at the listicle that we have curated and you will know what 2017's Lantern Festival has in store for you.