We All Have Two Types Of People In Our Friend List, Which One Are You? 

These images are super-duper relatable!

We live in a world where nothing is all black or all white, everyone has some shades of grey within them. But, when bifurcating humans on the basis of their personality traits, it occurs to me that we are either THIS or THAT. Nothing in between! 

We see people who are either early birds or night owls, party animals or introverts, avid readers or the ones who hate reading and so on. This simply means that different people have different choices (no right or wrong) and that's what makes them unique. 

Today, the media industry is evolving and so are we. So, we at WittyFeed decided to curate a series of situations where two given persons react in a different manner. Take a look at these images and you will understand what I am trying to say.