These Twin Sisters Are Taking The Internet By Storm For One Fantastic Reason

Could you guess? 


Lucy and Maria Aylmer are non-identical twins. Both of them look so different that no one could guess that they are actually twins. Lucy is fair skinned with ginger hair, and Maria has darker skin with curls in her hair. If you're wondering how these two lovely girls are actually twins, it's because of their genetics. Maria and Lucy's mother is half Jamaican, and their father is white. 

The girls had been born different skin colors due to their inter-racial parents. Both sisters are taking the internet by storm after releasing pictures of themselves as they turned 18. 

Despite being twins, nobody would even recognise them as sisters throughout their school and college life. But that doesn't mean the sisters didn't have some fun with it. Belonging to different fields right now, the sisters are pursuing their life ahead, but they're also pretty close. 

Let's find out about these twin sisters.