President Trump Has Revoked Obama-Era Guidelines On Transgender Bathroom

Hundreds of people protest in front of the White House!

President Donald Trump's government on Wednesday has withdrawn the much appreciated Obama-era administration to public institutions giving transgender students freedom to use the toilets of their decision, repealing a signature action of previous Democratic President Barack Obama.

Changing of the Obama guidelines may cause outburst in the latest struggle in America among believers of typical values and social reformists, and it is likely to add more of the street rally that happened at Trump's Nov. 8 election and during the inaugural event.

Obama had ordered public schools last May to let transgender scholars use the bathrooms that meet their preferred gender status, warning to keep funding for schools that did not comply. Transgender people addressed the action as a triumph for their civil rights.

Now, when Trump has revoked it, let's find out about the chaos that's spread all across the USA.