Is The US President Donald Trump Planning To Trigger World War III?

If yes, will it be a nuclear war?

The United States President Donald Trump is the most controversial President in the history of the US. He fails to show restraint both in his domestic and international politics measures. From announcing Muslim ban to militarily engaging in the Syrian conflict to giving out open threats to nuclear-armed country North Korea. The last among all is measures portends danger for future because to every warning or threat, North Korea has also sent out similar war threats, saying "We Will Go To War If They Choose."

Given this political development, if both nuclear-armed states decide to go out on a full-scale war, what will be the nature of war? Will the international community have a positive role to play in this war or will the world be divided into two blocs, echoing the Cold War? 

Let us take a look at Trump's political misadventures since he has taken charge of the White House, starting with the most controversial Executive Order 13769. What is this executive order? 

We will take a glimpse of this and the politics around it.