'Triple Talaq' Gets Banned And This Is What Every Muslim Woman Had Been Praying For

Talaq Kyun?

Latest update on the article: As of 22nd August 2017, Triple Talaq has been banned by the Supreme Court which stated that the practice is unconstitutional, illegal and unworthy. A panel of five judges made the decision, striking it down by 3:2 and finding triple talaq as "bad in law." The court has asked the parliament to make a law within 6 months to govern marriage and divorce in the Muslim community.

But do you think that this decision was an easy one to make? And do you know since when was this in the pipeline? Read the following article that was published on 30th April 2017 to get the gist of it.

Talaq! Talaq! Talaq!

It should not get this easy for anyone to wake up and break a relationship; this has been the voice of hundreds of thousands of Muslim women who find themselves vulnerable.

Talaq Kyun? Talaq Kyun? Talaq Kyun?

Not trying to sensationalize this sensitive and very important issue, WittyFeed is just trying to raise a question by giving its Muslim sisters negatively affected by the Triple Talaq rule a voice. A huge Muslim female population opposing Triple Talaq are in favor of the adoption of ‘Talaq-e-Sunnah’ (Divorce on the basis of Prophet's sayings) and want the rulebook to reject ‘Talaq-e-Biddah’ (Divorce system that in a way promotes instant divorce).
While the Supreme Court hearing on May 11, 2017, will come up with the best decision for everyone, let's try to understand the issue and see what the Indian politicians, Muslim parties, and PM Modi has to say on this.