These 15 Travel Movies Will Make You Plan Your Vacation Right Away

To travel is to live, goes an adage. 


"It is also said that travelling is like a therapy that soothes us with unimaginable experiences and beauty of the unexplored world." 

Besides travel, movies are considered as people's favourite pass time. Both travelling and watching movies free us from the mundane routine and petty problems of everyday life. 

Some movies bore you to the death, some make you question your inner self and then there are the movies that stop you from doing everything and just travel. Their picturesque locations evoke the wanderlust in you.

Well, if you've been looking for that one inspiration that makes you apply for leave at the workplace and go for a much-needed vacation, we can be of some help! 

Here's the across-the-board list of movies that will make you pack your bags and explore the world.

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